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Theme: Toy Run. Lesson Plan. Grade: 8th
27-05-2013 12:58
Theme: Toy Run. Lesson Plan.  Grade: 8th

Lesson Plan

 Theme: Toy Run

 Grade  : 8th

 Date : 12 .09.12

 Objectives : SWBA to watch the video, listen and talk about the charity.

 Materials : books, CD, cards


I.Warm up.

Review the material give, take, sell, buy, listen

    Check the home work

Read the sentences


              Before you watch.

           Do you know  the name of any charity?

         What do they do?

         Have you ever given anything to charity?

             With a friend, make a list of different things you can do for      charity.


Wile watching

In Markham Park

Listen to Lauren. Complete the sentences using the words :

      Buying , listening , great music, waiting around, the motorbikes.

     Hi folks! We are here at Markham Park in South Florida. We’re actually waiting for … to    arrive. There are  lots of people …  , chatting, …. Food. They’re also …  to some

What are they wearing?

a)Match the words  with pictures 1-8

Boot, pjams, gloves, helmet, leather trousers, scarf, sunglasses

IV. Production How long have you been doing this?

Listen to the man and complete the text with correct numbers. Choose : 3,8, 8th, 10 or 18

 This is my … toy run. They’ve been doing it … years.I’ve been living in South Florida for … years and I started doing it … years  ago and it’s a great event. The Toy Run is about the kids, seeing the smile faces- I have … children.

V.Who says it?

•         Match people 1-3 with sentences a-f

a)   Trying to help these kids is great.

b)   These children would love a gift for Christmas.

c)    Thank you to everyone here who supports us!

d)   I’ve brought two teddy bears.

e)    I have three children.

     f) I’m here to have fun.

VI .After watching.Answer to questions

Where is Toy Run?

What can you give for charity?

How do you help for people in need

VII. Hometask.

      Write an article a about a charity